Born out of galactic necessity in 2005, COLLECTION AGENCY FILMS thought someone should set out to animate hilarious ads, music videos, and films at 'Keep-Austin-Weird' prices.


    It all began when musician Ray Wylie Hubbard told Troy Campbell the ridiculous tale of the worst concert he'd ever played - involving drunkenness, lewd acts, and a devious German Shepherd ("You know the kind.  With a bandanna.").  The story was so hilarious, Troy knew it had to be shared with the world.  He heard tale of animator Dano Johnson and over coffee told him all the bizarre details.  Dano wasn't convinced that he should sign on to such an outrageous project until he re-told the events to family and friends over Thanksgiving dinner.  The table (including a visiting Lutheran pastor) erupted in raucous laughter and Dano knew the idea would be a big hit.


    Since that day founders Troy Campbell and Dano Johnson combined their knowledge of film, storytelling, music, tomfoolery, and animation to create a new Texas tall-tale: the one where they make an awesome cartoon for you.


    COLLECTION AGENCY FILMS dreams that someday all the children of the world will have access to affordable, effective, hilarious, high-quality, award-winning animation services.  Until then, we'll be happy to work with you.

    You seem nice!


    Troy Campbell is an accomplished musician and a cultural ambassador for the City of Austin.  One day he had the good fortune to record Ray Wylie Hubbard telling a funny 'tall tale' and had the idea to create an animated short film with animator Dano Johnson.  Collection Agency Films was born and the viral animated short went on to play South By Southwest and other film festivals, while also getting the attention of advertising firms looking for a unique voice and style.  Eight years later, Collection Agency Films has won numerous awards for its comedic political, musical, and educational short films and ads.  Campbell also runs Austin's 'House of Songs' which allows international collaboration between visiting musicians and artists.


    Dano Johnson studied educational television at the University of Texas at Austin and interned in the Creative Development Department at Sesame Workshop (producers of Sesame Street).  After spending three years in the eLearning industry and teaching himself animation software, he founded Collection Agency Films.  He has written and directed two award-winning animated films for the math education market - 'Flaltand: the Movie' and 'Flatland 2: Sphereland' starring Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, and Michael York among others.  Both films have received acclaim at international film festivals and in 2013 'Flatland: The Movie' was on exhibition at the Pompidou-Metz art museum in Paris.  Dano has given standing-room-only keynote presentations to thousands of educators, appeared on the PBS Nightly Business Report to discuss intellectual property legislation, and is proud to note the Flatland films have been seen by over one million students around the world, inspiring children to see mathematics and science in new ways.


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    2007 Lone Star Emmy - First Place Advanced Media Commercial for "Kinkytoons #3: Save Your Vote for Kinky"

    2006 Telly Award - Best Online/Internet Ad for "Kinkytoons #1: I Looove Texas"

    2006 Bradford Animation Festival - Best Music Video for "Dance Like a Monkey"

    2006 SXSW Film Festival - 2nd Place Best Animated Short for "Tall Tales & Other Big Lies"

    2006 Channel Frederator Awards - Best Dance Sequence for "Dance Like a Monkey"

    2007 Pollie - 3rd Place TV/Non-Broadcast Video for "Kinkytoons #1: I Looove Texas"

    2009 Pollie, - 2nd Place Best Use of Web Animation/Web video, Public Affairs Category for "The Insur-Animals - Episode 1"

    2009 Pollie, - 3rd Place Persuasion Online Advertising/Use of Humor, Public Affairs Category for "The Insur-Animals - Episode 1"



    Austin Film Festival

    BBC Worldwide

    Bleu Tuna Limited

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    Charlie Wheelan for Congress

    Cooking PlanIt


    Faron West Productions, LLC

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    Gary Floater

    Hayes Carll

    Health Care for Everyone


    I&O Communications

    Kinky Friedman for Governor

    Lost Highway Records

    Ned Lamont for Congress

    New York Dolls

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    Taylor Collective Solutions

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    Universal Music

    Voodoo Cowboy Entertainment

    Yahoo Sketchy



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